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Plant-Based Food

Myths About Vegan Foods – Busted

Subtitle: Why you should opt for a vegan diet should only be based on your personal preference and not on any myths you hear.

Are you planning to opt for a plant-based diet? But you have confusions about the things you have read about it on the internet? We are here to clear all such doubts and bust some myths about plant-based products.

A plant-based or vegan diet is still only practiced by a handful of people in India. This is due to less awareness and myths about vegan food. These myths are so common that they are embedded into our minds like real facts. Let us bust the most popular myths today:

1. Our bodies are designed for conventional animal foods

Most people think that since we have been consuming conventional animal foods since ages, our bodies are naturally designed to consume them. This is not true and is wrong on so many levels. 

Human bodies are naturally more suited for a plant-based diet. Our chewing pattern resembles that of herbivores unlike carnivores who chew up and down. Also, our long intestine allows for easy digestion of plant-based foods. Carnivores have shorter intestines for rapid digestion of meat. 

Many other factors like the enzymes in our saliva, blunt and short canine teeth, artery size and soft fingernails point to the fact that we can consume a plant-based diet more easily.

So, we are designed for this diet without any ifs or buts.

2. Protein in vegan diet is less as compared to animal diet

The BIGGEST myth about vegan food is the lack of protein or quality of protein as compared to animal based foods. This is not true!

A balanced plant-based diet provides all essential nutrients and all amino acids (building blocks of all proteins). They are an excellent source of proteins and complete by themselves. 

Some plant-based ingredients are super high on proteins as well. For example: peas, pulses, tofu, soybean etc.

3. You need natural milk to get calcium

No, no and no. We agree that cow’s milk has a lot of calcium as we have all heard this since childhood. But, that does not mean that other forms of milk like the plant-based milk lack calcium.

Around 65-70% people in the world have problems like lactose intolerance and they do not consume any dairy. Still, that does not mean that they are not healthy or do not have enough calcium in their bodies.

There are many other sources of getting milk nutrition; this includes tempeh, figs, kale etc. Plant-based milk itself is a very good source of calcium and other nutrients. This milk is made of natural ingredients like soy.

And don’t forget how important Vitamin D is for your body to absorb this consumed calcium.

4. A vegan diet lacks proper nutrition

Most common belief of the general population: That plant-based diet food does not provide the body with required basic nutrition. Honestly, who even started this rumor?

Scientifically, a plant-based diet is healthier than any other animal food diet. If we take the example of Vitamin B12, this is attached to the animal protein in meat and hence is very difficult to absorb. Even the body’s ability to absorb it declines with age. But, this can be solved by consuming vegan foods. and supplementing the diet with it.

Moreover, vegans have been found to have high amounts of iron. This is a non-haem type of iron that causes no harm. 

Also, the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and obesity is reduced when consuming a vegan product.

5. Vegan foods are expensive

Have you heard this one before? That vegan foods are expensive and not affordable by everyone. The reality is actually the opposite.

A lot of fast food companies are actually lowering their prices but that just promotes unhealthy options and makes people believe that healthy food is not cheap.

If you look at the competition today between vegan food companies, you will realize that it has led to lower prices to capture the market. And considering the health benefits, vegan food is not at all expensive. It actually has a high ROI to put it theoretically. 

And if you compare these prices with animal origin foods, you will realize how this is only a myth far from reality.

And, that is all for today’s episode of busting myths. We hope you had fun reading it and learning new facts. To prove all of them true, we have our very own plant-based meat that is super healthy, delicious, affordable and meat-like.

And to test these myths, simply order our meat and check it out yourself!

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