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Address: SINE Office, Third floor, IITB-Monash Research Academy, IIT, IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai
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We intend to aid our consumers and our planet by producing and promoting plant-based products which provide an incredible food experience that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture while serving a healthier meal on every plate.


A catalyst in switching to the better protein  (It means that ProMeat will not just work in developing plant-based protein products but also help people in making the switch to the better protein through awareness about its benefits to the people and the planet.)


  • Better taste and texture
  • Better protein content
  • Better accessibility and affordability
  • Better knowledge and awareness
  • Better quality and competency



To foster a community within the organization that believes in the cause of becoming a catalyst in switching to a better protein. To serve the customers sensational and mouth-watering plant-based products as a healthy upgrade to their diet. To provide a sustainable food chain model to feed a protein-deficient ever-growing population.

Planet :

To work towards the betterment of the environment through conscious utilization of natural resources. To conserve water, and energy, reduce carbon footprint and tackle climate change by changing what we put on our plate. 

Prosperity :

To positively impact the national, international, and global economy as well as create employment and drive innovation that brings wealth to the society by generating social profit.


Environment friendly




Personal Accountability

Customer-centric Growth





A world that opts for the healthier, sustainable and better protein while not having to compromise on flavours.

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To bring a change in the way people consume proteins at the moment.