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Meat vs Vegan Meat

Difference Between Conventional Meat and Vegan Meat

Subtitle: Compare all factors and differences between animal and plant-based meat before making a decision.

When you ask any non-vegetarian person if they would ever consider shifting to plant-based meat instead of animal meat, most often they would answer with: “But why?” And yes, that’s a good practical question. Why should they shift to any other kind of meat when they are used to animal meat? This is the dilemma we wish to solve in today’s blog.

And to answer this question we need to first look at a more basic underlying question: What is the difference between conventional animal meat and plant-based meat?

Let us seek answers to this question first to be able to understand the why question. This would help us see which is better among the two.

1. Nutritional Profile

A very important aspect and benefit of consuming animal meat is the nutrition it offers. It is an important source of proteins of animal origin. 

So why switch to plant-based meat?

The answer is a pros and cons list. Despite the fact that meat offers our body with a lot of protein, it also causes a lot of harm. It is a precursor of heart diseases, diabetes and many other such life-threatening problems. Hence, factors like food safety and quality play a crucial role here.

Many people, especially the younger generation are beginning to understand this problem and are switching to plant-based meat. These days people are more health conscious than ever before. 

A plant-based meat can also provide our body with similar nutrients and proteins minus the disadvantages. It is a healthier and safer option. This meat has less cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart diseases or other cardiovascular risk factors. 

The vegan meat has comparable quality and quantity of proteins as the animal meat and it is minimally processed as well. Also, bacterial pathogens are commonly found in raw animal meat that cause foodborne illnesses while this problem does not occur in vegan meat.

2. Environmental Degradation

Even a child in today’s era is aware of the rapid degradation of the environment and the harm it poses for the future generations. Pollution levels are on an all time high and it is an alarming concern. 

Among all this is the issue of animal agriculture that produces more greenhouse gases than all the vehicles put together. Greenhouse gas emission is a huge problem across every stage of the food supply chain and animal agriculture is at the top.

The carbon footprint we generate every time we consume animal meat is something to think about for sure. And now we have a solution for the same.

For every meat lover who doesn’t wish to give up on the taste, we have plant-based meat for you. It is sustainable with a reduced carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission. It is environmentally friendly yet tasty just like animal meat. 

Livestock consume a lot of resources for their agriculture and all this can be reduced through a change of mindset. A mindset that allows for the body to choose another form of meat to help save the environment. Afterall, we have not inherited this planet from our ancestors but merely borrowed it from our children.

Let us leave this planet in a healthier condition for them to live without having to fight world wars for water or other natural resources.

3. Cost and affordability

One of the biggest factors affecting consumer choice of buying any food product is its cost and affordability.  And most rightly, it is crucial to discuss it here. While we agree that plant-based meat is at a comparable or higher price than its animal meat counterpart, there are a few factors to consider here.

More and more consumers are today looking at alternative sources of protein that cause little to no harm to their bodies. This generates more demand for the plant-based food sector. And as this demand gradually increases, more and more businesses come up in this space. With this comes competition and marketing strategies based on it. This healthy competition will drive all such businesses to come up with better quality products at lower prices. 

As more consumers tend to reduce their animal meat intake, soon the demand will decrease and the prices will inflate for animal meat.

So, the choice lies in our hands. Do we want to consume safer products at a lower price? Then we need to make a conscious choice and effort to create more demand for it. Moreover, a healthier body is a wise choice to make over money any day. If you are healthy, you can earn more money anytime. 

And still, if you are considering other factors like taste, flavor and texture of meat, do not worry. Plant-based meat is at par in taste with any animal meat. It looks and cooks the same as well. 

Do not believe us? 

Try for yourself. Order our plant-based meat and taste a piece of pure delight at a healthier price.

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